Foreigners bought real estate in Montenegro for more than 370 million

investing in montenegro real estate

Last year, foreign citizens and companies purchased real estate in Montenegro for the period from January to October in the amount of 370 million euros, which is more than in 2022.

Information on real estate sales for November and December last year will be known in March. But, according to expectations, the turnover of real estate in these months can be about 60-70 million. So the total value of real estate sold to foreigners can reach an amount of 430 to 440 million euros.

In total, in 2021, foreigners spent 278 million euros on buying property in Montenegro, in 2020 – 116 million, in 2019 – 178 million, in 2018 – 182 million…

Thus, over the past five years, foreigners have bought Montenegrin real estate for 1.2 billion euros.

The total value of real estate turnover in 2021 was 400 million euros, and foreigners bought property worth 278 million euros, accounting for 69 percent of the total turnover. This correlation is such that foreigners mainly buy luxury apartments and villas, which cost the same as ten regular apartments.

Most real estate last year was bought by citizens of Germany and companies from this country in the amount of 57 million euros.
Second place – the Russians, who invested 50 million in real estate.
Third place – citizens and companies from Serbia with 42 million.
Fourth place – customers from the United States of America with 32 million euros.
Fifth place – investors from Turkey with 30 mln.

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